Hello there!
I am Kieran Valino.
A Computer Engineer.

With a passion for computer hardware and software and a love for consumer electronics, I strive to create technological solutions and innovations for millions to enjoy

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Information About Me

As a Computer Engineering graduate from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, my journey began with a childhood curiosity for technology — building computers and taking apart cell phones and game consoles. This passion laid the foundation for my goal as a computer engineer where I aim to create technologies that innovate and bring joy to people's lives globally.

My technical expertise is grounded in a robust foundation of programming languages like C and Python that extends to web and mobile development and digital logic design. My academic endeavors in topics like computer networks and architecture have been applied practically to multiple projects. These projects range from a chat program leveraging TCP connections to a digital multimeter on an STM32 microcontroller. These experiences have honed my technical abilities and underscored my love of computer networking and the thrill of learning new technologies.

Beyond the technical realm, I bring a blend of leadership and dedication, exemplified by achieving the rank of Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America and contributing to advancing technology accessibility through the Right to Repair movement at iFixit.

Ultimately, my mission as a computer engineer is to create revolutionary technologies that resonate with everyday people. Whether it's developing robust software, designing user-friendly interfaces, or engineering cutting-edge gadgets, I want to do my part to contribute to a future where I can enhance lives and uplift communities.

My Skills

Programming Languages











Development Tools

Visual Studio Code





Arduino IDE

Xilinx Vivado


Technologies and Frameworks

React Native



Google Firebase




My Timeline

July 2022 - present

Shipper - iFixit

Proficiently select, package, and label various electronic repair components such as screens and batteries for consumer orders, with meticulous attention to factors such as weight, dimensions, and part durability. This is done with the overarching goal of facilitating consumers' ability to exercise their right to repair.

September 2021 - June 2022

Student Assistant - Streats - Cal Poly Campus Dining

Collaborated seamlessly with team members to efficiently prepare and serve food during peak hours, while consistently providing exceptional customer service, in an environment that underwent frequent menu overhauls every few weeks.

October 2019 - March 2020

Student Assistant - The Avenue - Cal Poly Campus Dining

Collaborated closely with co-workers to prepare and serve food, ensuring seamless service during high-demand periods serving over 100 customers. Additionally, I contributed to training new team members in their designated workstations.

July 2018 - August 2018

Marketing Intern - Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union

Designed and developed several unique and engaging advertising videos for social media sites like YouTube and Facebook. This effort was recognized by the Pasadena Unified School District, alongside seven other high school interns, out of a group of over 120 interns, for exemplary assistance provided to our recruiting firms.


Here are some of my projects that I've done using a variety of programming languages, software applications, and hardware devices.

Chit Chat Cove

Chit Chat Cove

An anonymous, proximity-based social media app where users can interact with the people around them. Developed in React Native utilizing Google Firebase for the backend data storage and authentication, users can create posts, engage with nearby posts with upvotes and comments, and receive push notifications. Currently in development.

Cal Poly BattleBots

Cal Poly BattleBots

A competition-ready battlebot with iPad controls, collaboratively designed and built by Cal Poly CPE, EE, and ME students. I was responsible for building the iOS app in Swift and handling the Bluetooth communication between the controller and the battlebot.



A chat program enables clients to communicate with each other through a TCP connection to a central server. The server receives custom application-level Protocol Data Units (PDUs) from clients and forwards them to their intended recipients.

Digital Multimeter

Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter assembled on a STM32 Nucleo board in C that uses an Analog to Digital Converter and Fourier Transformation to read DC and AC voltages regardless of its wave and offset.

Function Generator

Function Generator

A function generator programmed in C on a STM32 Nucleo board, utilizing an external Digital to Analog Converter to output a variety of waveforms at varying frequencies and duty cycles.

Packet Trace

Packet Trace

Network Packet Trace program that sniffs packets from trace files and outputs the protocol header information for a variety of different types of headers
(Ethernet, ARP, IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICMP)

Round Robin Scheduler

Round Robin Scheduler

An implementation of a round robin operating system scheduler, cycling through each process for a given period and removing a process from circulation once it has concluded.



The classic kids game Whac-A-Mole reinvented utilizing SystemVerilog on a Basys 3 board with LEDS and switches!

Portfolio Website

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website I built on HTML, SCSS, and JavaScript highlighting my previous and current projects and skills.

Home Labs Server

Home Labs Server

A Home Labs Server utilizing the TrueNAS OS to host and run applications on the network that can be externally accessed, while securely accessing the server's file system through the use of the Tailscale VPN service.


Get In Touch

Feel free to send me an email whether its for an idea you have or just want to chat!